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 Leopold McGinnis
 Leopold McGinnis
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Leopold started this whole Red Fez thing. Where it stops, nobody knows. If you liked this, I've also written five books, which you can see more my profile. Also, you've got some mustard on your collar. problem. Anytime. Gotta be careful with the mustard.
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Issue 62 · poetry
free verse ·  
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They never speak
of the true story of Babel
of how they all got together
and agreed
to build the tower
arrogant as gods
they assembled
brick by brick
map by map
plan by plan
a plan
to reach God
(to shake his hand
to ask him questions
or maybe push him
off his throne)

It isn’t true
that God
in his anger
struck them down
and twisted their tongues
so they could never
speak or understand
each other again

What the tongues never tell you
is that they made it to the top
and when they got there
They were alone
They were already
and always alone
And in their anger
And fear
And panic
They fought
And warred
And could not see eye to eye
Until the tower crumbled
And they scattered
Seven ways to the wind
And blamed the whole thing
on God
Until they forgot
Because forgetting about it
was better
than the truth
of being gods
All alone.


  8 months ago · in response to susan mardinly

    Thanks Susan. We are regularly making improvements to the site (with little to no funding) so there are often 'adjustment' periods where things don't work exactly as they did before the updates! Usually we have them fixed in short notice. Great to have you back as well!
  8 months ago
I love this!! Thank you so much for reading my poem "Lady of the Neutron Star." For some reason, I couldn't get on to RedFez, but I am grateful to be back.
  18 months ago · in response to R. B Ejue

    Thanks RB. I'd totally forgotten I'd written this!
  18 months ago
Great way to take this to a whole new angle

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