Pumpkin Head
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Pumpkin Head

 Steven Gulvezan
 Steven Gulvezan
Pumpkin Head
by Steven Gulvezan  FollowFollow
Steven Gulvezan is a disciple, in words, of the great sculptor, Alberto Giacometti. At their best he hopes that his stories and poems are able...read more to cut close enough to the bone of truth to make them worthwhile to read. A collection of his poetry is The Dogs of Paris (March Street Press).
Pumpkin Head
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Won’t leave me alone
Follows me from door to door
Watching while I beg candy, apples, shiny new pennies
I toss him a nickel
“Now, will you please quit
Hanging around me?”
He doesn’t reply
Just stares at me
Weird triangle pumpkin cut-outs
Hiding his eyes
And that jagged toothed grinning pumpkin mouth
Just waiting for a punch or something
How do I even know Pumpkin Head’s a him?
Small and slight, with a shapeless black sack covering gentle curves
I decide Pumpkin Head must be a girl
That thought gives me an idea
“Listen, if I take you to a movie
Will you quit bugging me?”
Pumpkin Head hesitates on the shadowy sidewalk
“Thinking about it, huh?
What would you like to see?
A scary movie?”
Pumpkin Head shakes her head, No
“Maybe sci-fi? How about a little Plan 9 from Outer Space?”
Pumpkin Head shakes, No
“Well, then, what do you want?”
Pumpkin Head raises a black-gloved hand and points to her mouth
“You hungry?”
Again, No
“Well, then what is it?”
Pumpkin Head shapes her hands into little hand puppets
And makes them peck at each other
“You want a kiss?”
Pumpkin Head nods her head, Yes               
So I kiss Pumpkin Head
Long story short, now we’re a couple
Ah, true love
Who understands the ways of the heart?
Me and my girl, Pumpkin Head
Going door to door, getting tons of candy


  2 months ago
Thank you, Dan.
  2 months ago
nice job, slick

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