Help me drown the moonlight - poem (love lost, wine, unrequited love)

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Help me drown the moonlight

you remember when we held bottles of wine
and roamed the streets like mad escaped
prisoners during that December blackout?
you were drunk for the first time and said ‘I love you, Alec’ and I turned to you
thinking, rather knowing, my name
wasn’t Alec, and I told myself, ‘why start an argument
with the night so young,’
and besides, most
wives make such mistakes now and again, right?

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About James H Duncan

James H Duncan is a New York native and the editor of Hobo Camp Review. He is currently engaged to his Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriter, but admits to ravenous affairs with various bottles of wine on the side. If you see him minding his own damn business at a railway platform, that's called research, so leave him be. Apt, more Magazine, Zygote In My Coffee, and The Battered Suitcase, among others, have welcomed his poetry and short stories. More at

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Tina Clowes Kay    10 months ago
Love it!! 😀
Nancy P. Davenport    12 months ago
A nifty poem.

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