Death of another hero

In a whiteout landscape

On the edge of the world

Across the lake, the wind rips

Like a lash across the face

Pillars of black-smoke soot

January in this Seventh Wonder



They are falling fast, too fast

So fast

In this so-far cruelest month

Seemingly from nowhere, and

Without reason


The man on the corner with a sign that reads

One Love

Wrinkled and craggily

With winter oozing from his nose

Lord you know it’s the freaks

Who make the world

Spin round

Even after

the eagle lands, and

The airplane crashes

and the spaceman



We are on the same road

Headed in opposite directions

Wheels turning, going nowhere


How maddening it is that

We can’t

Get this



Pieces are missing

Others don’t fit

So much for the payoff you expected

We are all suckers on some level

We are dogs


Fools misled

Lemmings being led

off a ledge

Somewhere there must be someone



This is the day of your extraction

Do you remember when

we made

The paint melt off the walls

Like God moving Heaven and Earth

Until you decided

The wind no longer blew

And the sun no longer rose


This evening I woke up knowing

The years past went by

As quickly as the decade ahead

Time is a thief

and all of us are

Stark-raving mad.


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About J. Matthew Smith

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Buffalo born and bred, J. Matthew Smith is a writer, curmudgeon and aspiring scoundrel who is disgusted by gum and despises Mickey Rooney. Married to one and the father of two, his default setting is objectionable yet in many ways, he’s a cuddly pig. Right now he lives in Albany, where he is looking for an more You can learn more about him at
  1 week ago
"'... evening I woke up/
knowing// The years past went by//

As quickly as the decade ahead// '" awesome thought with lines to boot!

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