to understand the emptiness
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to understand the emptiness

---Every day, more than 90 Americans die after overdosing on opioids.

 DB Cox
 DB Cox
to understand the emptiness
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DB Cox is a blues musician/writer from South Carolina, USA. He graduated from high school in 1966, and was in the Marine Corps from more In 1977, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts to attend the Berklee School of Music where he discovered a thriving blues scene. After thirty years of playing the music he loves with some great bands, he moved back to South Carolina where he writes and plays in a blues band called “P.C. Red & Almost Blue.” He has previously published five books of poetry, and one collection of short stories called "Unaccustomed Mercy." This EBook is available at Amazon Kindle EBooks.
Issue 108 · poetry
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to understand the emptiness
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the needle knows the way
once more, i lean over “the hole”
& let myself go
for a second
i feel as if i am hovering
but i know that i am falling
time is lost
with no references
i have no perception of body position
i have become the dark
at times
i seem to be on the verge of some vital discovery
when i try to verbalize scattered thoughts
the words die—swallowed by the vacuum
the old force pulls at me constantly
i am being eaten away
soon i will vanish
this arcane “machine of want”
will crave no more
my only hope for salvation
was to understand
& accept the emptiness
of more 24-hour days
i have lost all faith
in the notion of an “ending”
to get to the bottom of "the hole"
was my only goal
now I’m certain
that I will never see
if i’m inside "the hole"
or "the hole" is inside of me


  4 days ago
D.B. Cox is one of the finest poets I've yet to meet. His work is exemplary and always on the note.

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