A Beggar's Body
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A Beggar's Body

On a photograph by Garry Winogrand - “Los Angeles, California, 1969”

 Keith Gaboury
 Keith Gaboury
A Beggar's Body
by Keith Gaboury  FollowFollow
Keith Mark Gaboury earned a M.F.A. in creative writing from Emerson College, but then he needed to start making some real money. So he started...read more working as a preschool teacher, which isn't the best way to rake in a big paycheck. In 2016, Keith rode a dragon from Massachusetts to California, her claws landing in San Francisco. He now writes poetry and tries to instill dragon empathy into young preschool minds.
A Beggar's Body
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Consider my unseen face
set against Hollywood Boulevard.
In a day belonging to the beautiful,
three window-shopping women saunter by.
Set against Hollywood Boulevard,
I slouch in my wheelchair.
Three women in elevated pumps saunter by
my beggar’s cup squeezed between my legs.
I slouch forward, mouth muzzled  
alongside the windowpanes of the Walk of Fame.
My cup begs for a squeeze of presidential compassion.
I rolled over the stars, now roofed in shadow
alongside the reflections of the Walk of Fame
where the women glance
upon my Parkinson’s body. I’m roofed in black
as their shadows sway over concrete blocks.
The women glance upon a body of recoil.
On a street heavy with rich red lipstick,
shadows sway through the mobility of hips.
Will they remember a degenerative life?
Ma’s rich red lipstick kissed my forehead
in a day belonging to memory
dissolving within my degenerative mind.
Ghost neurons never consider an unseen face.


  1 month ago
Excellent. Evocative of the milieu and staggering in its emotional heft.

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