How To Respond To Street Harassment
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How To Respond To Street Harassment

 B. Preston Johnson
 B. Preston Johnson
How To Respond To Street Harassment
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It may be assumed at this very minute that B. Preston Johnson is drinking too much coffee, reading poetry, or watching episodes of Noah's more at Mariah's house. Maybe he's down at Beezy's with Devin, or maybe she's dancing in the kitchen again...
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How To Respond To Street Harassment
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How do you respond
to street harassment?

First, you must begin
by delegitimizing your own
Down-play what happened within at least
the first two sentences.
An advanced technique is to use
the very words – “I know I'm
just making a big deal about this but...”

Next, make sure you are in
the presence of men – queer or not
honey – trust me, it's all the same
and women who “distance” themselves
from feminism because it is
“bad”, “ugly”, or “controversial.”
You must do this so that they may
hear your delegitimizing comments and
further their notion that – hey, as
long as no one put their hands
on you, then it wasn't even
that big a deal.

Internalize the experience to the furthest
This is done by telling yourself “Well, I guess I
was walking alone, afterall;”
“I was wearing that one outfit that shows
my curves.”

Make sure that you in no
way say anything that
indicates a need to
examine patriarchy
and male violence.
One suggested phrase that is a perennial favorite:
“Well, I guess that's just what you expect.”

A quick guide for friends and listeners of
one who has been street harassed –

Suggested phrases:
“Why didn't you do anything?”
“Well, at least it wasn't all that
“So you just let him do that?...”
“What were you wearing?”
“I guess I don't understand
why that's a big deal.”



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