Katie or Amanda or Brittany
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Katie or Amanda or Brittany

 Robert Louis Henry
 Robert Louis Henry
Katie or Amanda or Brittany
by Robert Louis Henry  FollowFollow
Robert Louis Henry lives in California, but grew up in the hills of Tennessee. He's a freelance publisher, the editor and publisher at Leaf Garden...read more Press, and a very lazy writer/musician. He has a no-goals solo music project called Njaim. He also builds guitar amps out of old junked electronics.
Katie or Amanda or Brittany
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I saw Bobby eyeballing
those suds & the next day
I walk into work & he's
bathing in the sink.

Alex or Chad or James
said, "I'd do things to
her that are illegal in a
third world country."

She works everyday,
two and half jobs,
probably to pay off
a car she doesn't need,
but I told Henry or Brian
or Larry that I'd probably
write her shitty poems anyway.
I left out that I'd basically
be her gay-best-friend figure.

I saw the token black stroke
the electric red-head's face,
& I felt like I must be in a porno,
that life is a giant incestuous orgy,
each one of us wed to the climax.


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