Speed Punk Portulaca
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Speed Punk Portulaca

 Saira Viola
 Saira Viola
Speed Punk Portulaca
by Saira Viola  FollowFollow
Pop scribe , poet , fiction ball buster ,satirist, creator of literary technique sonic scatterscript . When not penning words for my scripted...read more universe can be found under the flutter of a Red Admiral or playing astro tag with Jimmy and Ali .Can sometimes be found in psychotropic discourse with Rimbaud or helping in soup kitchens and dancing with subway kings .
Speed Punk Portulaca
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She wears a battered leather jacket ,
candy pink baby doll slip
and sky rocket stilettos with
soft silk  ribbons ,
listens to Siouxise Sioux ,
on a rewind loop -
she can’t get
no satisfaction ,
eyes like rainy Sunday
with flutter satin lashes
bedroom lips on red alert -
bell pepper hot-suck hard and flirt ,
she walked into the grunge pen
like his favourite song ,
marble -moon skin, gleaming ,
under neon kitsch, green  lighting ,
a trading post of astral princesses
beatnik  lizards  and roller rock
boys , acid accordions java -ing noise,
with his psychedelic tulip  shirt and black velvet flares ,
afro cuban heels, and crocodile  stare  ,
manscaped  goatee, 
and feather violet hair
he was ready wanting , desperate to ensnare -
on the smoke blackened wall
his anti hipster scrawl
pimp limp , and sneaker grin
he slides in tongue on tongue
tripping their  kiss with cherry  pop sun.



  6 months ago
Wow! Your colorful poem left my brain sizzling! It packs quite a punch!
  17 months ago · in response to J. Claudius Cloyd

    Thank you warmly J. Much appreciated
  17 months ago
Nicely done. It's even better after I looked up "portaluca."
  17 months ago · in response to Dan Jacoby

    Thanks Dan, groovy comment humbly appreciated ,, I'm kind of self taught and think in verse still learning :)
  17 months ago
kid there is a great deal of craft in this and I suspect a lot of editing, nicely done. this is like a layer of paint you cant get off of you. more please

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