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 Jack T Marlowe
 Jack T Marlowe
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Jack T. Marlowe is a working-class malcontent from Dallas, Texas. He's at that awkward age, when you're too old to be cool and too young more be a lovable curmudgeon. To compensate, Jack used to write poetry. His words have appeared in Underground Voices, decomP, Zygote in My Coffee, Word Riot and elsewhere. He now paints and also creates mixed media works of "art." Jack is also the (now retired) editor of Gutter Eloquence Magazine (
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life is a shaky proposition: a  
screenplay with a flawed plot

and even more flawed characters
played out by bad actors

with a madness to their method
more often than not, and  

the nights are too long, the
clock ticks too loudly, and

morning comes too soon. the  
coffee is bitter, the sugar bowl  

empty, the ashtray full; the cur-
tain is torn, the shower always

too hot or too cold; the mirror is
spotted, the sink, stained; the

sky is overcast, the road, uneven
the women are shrill, the gods

indifferent; satisfaction is elusive
the enemies are many. friends are  

likewise flawed, but they are still
friends, after all: someone to

endure a bad movie with, waiting
for the final credits to roll past.



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