Life On My Side Of The Street
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Life On My Side Of The Street

 Chris Bodor
 Chris Bodor
Life On My Side Of The Street
by Chris Bodor  FollowFollow
Chris Bodor got tired of digging, so he put down the shovel and life got better. He has been sweeping streets and playing with poems since more early Nineties. After moving from New York to Florida in 2003, he started up a monthly spoken word series that been gathering in St. Augustine, Florida since 2009.
Life On My Side Of The Street
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Birth, school, work, death
First cry
Final breath
From the nursery
To the mortuary
We learn
We earn
We grow weary
My love for my job grows
When a brother tells me
That he is looking for work
I learn more in the eyes
Of a stranger
Than I have ever learned in a textbook.

Birth and death and everything in between
Sweeping my side of the street clean
Hand me a diploma
Remind me that Rome
Was not built
In a day.



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