no messiah complex here
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no messiah complex here

 Jack T Marlowe
 Jack T Marlowe
no messiah complex here
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Jack T. Marlowe is a working-class malcontent from Dallas, Texas. He's at that awkward age, when you're too old to be cool and too young more be a lovable curmudgeon. To compensate, Jack used to write poetry. His words have appeared in Underground Voices, decomP, Zygote in My Coffee, Word Riot and elsewhere. He now paints and also creates mixed media works of "art." Jack is also the (now retired) editor of Gutter Eloquence Magazine (
no messiah complex here
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it's always sad
when a friend dies

especially when
they keep pretending
to be alive
still breathing

while the suffocating
weight of sorrow
lies heavy
on your heart

and you discover
there's no point in
rolling away the stone
when your Lazarus
isn't looking for a savior

it's hard enough
carrying your own grief
without taking on
someone else's burden
and it can't be done

all that we are
left with, really
are simple miracles
to perform:

to dust off our
boots and keep
walking, while
trying not to
think about it
too much

for you and i
life remains
to be lived

and as for the dead--
if they come back--
their resurrection
will happen on
their schedule
not ours.


  3 months ago
I know Jack T. Marlowe, and I approve this piece. Always down to basics, no frills, no Heaven nor Hell, just the dirt clods hitting the casket in the rain. Nice stuff.
  2 years ago
Oh man. This is so good. Describes way too many people and their personal struggles (or defeats). Loved this line:

there's no point in
rolling away the stone
when your Lazarus
isn't looking for a savior

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