Hard Days Night
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Hard Days Night

 Mike Finley
 Mike Finley
Hard Days Night
by Mike Finley  FollowFollow
Mike Finley writes for a living in St. Paul. His work has appeared in an unlikely trifecta -- Paris Review, Guideposts, and Rolling Stone. His...read more most recent project is VICTORY THROUGH SONG, available free here -- http://issuu.com/Mike_Finley/docs/ms_victory_of_song2
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Hard Days Night
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John Lennon was full of shit,
that song about coming home from work
for the evening humjob
was marriage from the point of view
of a horny high schooler.

If that were true we would never have heard
of Yoko Ono, and John and Cyn
would still be together
but that never happens, women are too proud,
even the demoralized ones, to go for that
more than one or twice a year
and never when you come home stinky from work.

Which is just as well, coming home
from work should not be a leading
cause of divorce, but it's the not knowing
that causes tension,
it’s the going through the mail,
inches from the flesh
that you are dying to be one with.

Only it's not the flesh, it's the idea
of the flesh, it is having someone
to come home to even if it tickles you,
so when you're stuck in traffic
the idea of that door opening
and you being there loving you
is like a mighty chord BLANGED
on a Rickenbacker 360 12 string machine
with a bass chord humming



  2 years ago
You had me at line 1.

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