Hotel #2
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Hotel #2

 Constance Plumley
 Constance Plumley
Hotel #2
by Constance Plumley  FollowFollow
Writer. Dreamer. Neurotic.
Hotel #2
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I only understand
that you never thought I did.

There was a riddle
wrapped in your

enigmatic smile
which woke with you at dawn

and swam in the pools
of your eyes

I dove in
head first and struggled

to decipher the meaning
and stitch all

the wounds,
all the marks I didn't

make, all the time
that left you lonely.

And when I think
of you at night when I should be

dreaming, it is your
eyes and that enigmatic blue

like violence and
glacial movement

I remember
though I've fought to forget

the cracks there
the cracks in our souls,

that sank
every ship we tried to sail.



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