I Keep Repeating Myself
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I Keep Repeating Myself

 James Babbs
 James Babbs
I Keep Repeating Myself
by James Babbs  FollowFollow
James Babbs is a writer, a dreamer, a three-time loser and an all-around nice guy who just wants to be left alone. James is the author of Disturbing...read more The Light(2013) & The Weight of Invisible Things(2013) and has hundreds of poems and a few short stories scattered all over the internet.
I Keep Repeating Myself
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there’s nothing left to say
but I’m frightened by the silence
so I just keep going
using the same words
but hoping this time
I’m using them in a different way
I walk back and forth
through these empty rooms
waiting for the darkness
the darkness I know exists
far away from the light
and I imagine finding you
asleep in my bed
the same way I found you
countless times before
and you’re still beautiful
hair spreading across the pillow
and I kneel down close to you
listening to you breathe
speaking your name
letting it fall from my tongue
but no matter
how many times I say it
you never wake up



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