I have painted you in glazes and hues.
Colors from my own slow strokes
Of brushes lightened with oils,
Your body is revealed only in art.

In pink and scarlet shades
I can gloss the contours of your skin.
Curves and creases, below and between,
Your figure. All is unveiled to me,
There as I have wanted you.
Your body elegant upon my own

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About Missy Banyacski

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Missy is a small framed 22 year old, usually clad in old lady sweaters. To match the apparel, she has as many RX s as the elderly for her daily OCD, Anxiety Disorder, and Panic Disorder. Therefore, she decided to enter college with a major in creative writing. A decision made after serious contemplation. Yes indeed,...read more creative writing was the right choice, bringing more stress, anxiety, and depression into her daily life. Logical thinking is clearly not one of her strongest skills.
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