What The Gypsy Saw
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What The Gypsy Saw

 Steven Gulvezan
 Steven Gulvezan
What The Gypsy Saw
by Steven Gulvezan  FollowFollow
Steven Gulvezan is a disciple, in words, of the great sculptor, Alberto Giacometti. At their best he hopes that his stories and poems are able...read more to cut close enough to the bone of truth to make them worthwhile to read. A collection of his poetry is The Dogs of Paris (March Street Press).
What The Gypsy Saw
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A bulbous nose
A less than perfect complexion
And high and dry I lay stranded
On the desert island of my life
Without a love partner to console me

“Please, gypsy witch healer,
Can’t you help me reveal
The beauty of my inner self?”
The gypsy appraised me, dubious,
Until I pressed silver into her hand

And with a whisper and a sprinkle
Of magic dust
I felt my body transforming
Into a reflection of my soul—
Woman, why do you flee from me?



  3 months ago
Love this line: I felt my body transforming
Into a reflection of my soul—
  4 months ago
I love this because it sorta' pulls away from the fairy tale notion that people who are ugly on the outside are likely beautiful on the inside and vice versa.

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