Worlds Apart
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Worlds Apart

 Sarah Gamutan
 Sarah Gamutan
Worlds Apart
by Sarah Gamutan  FollowFollow
Sarah Gamutan hails from Philippines where she works as a Customer Support Associate by night and a poet at heart by day. She aims not to more beer and coffee anymore as part of her New Year�s Resolution.
Worlds Apart
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Ballistics was all there in New Year and
shots killed hustlers last night. Hookers
danced and beat cheerleaders while I
remained to cheer for that ballplayer cutie.

It was the difference of lives of a college girl
and this guy who decided to choose game as
his passion. However, I went with knuckleheads
and drank beers all night. Lamp posts, moonshine,

deep night. I didn’t watch any ball games or
any major leagues. Disco balls were shattering,
house on fire. Baseball bats were not enough
to hit my heart hard; I became his shithead.



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