Girls Night Out
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Girls Night Out

 Tina Culp Barton
 Tina Culp Barton
Girls Night Out
by Tina Culp Barton  FollowFollow
Following a 30-year hiatus from writing, Tina Barton found herself face-to-face with a powerful midlife crisis. The only positive thing more could be said of her midlife crisis, was the desire to change course. Tina’s solution was to begin writing again. A stay-at-home, suburbanite mom for 22 years and recent empty nester, she realized that she had better do something with her time before she drove her husband crazy. Her poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines. Tina Barton lives in Pacific Beach, California with her husband, Tom, their African Grey parrot, Elvis and desert tortoise, Maggie.
Girls Night Out
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She wore blue eyeliner
to reflect her wistful mood
satin black mascara
to mask her empty soul.
Smoky grey eye shadow
to create the illusion
of a picture perfect life
in its premier role.

She slips on stilettos
to reach Aquarian stars
a matching evening purse
that holds her veiled details.
Applies red to her lips
as if her fire was not enough
and a mysterious smile
in case all else fails.

Out into the cool night
walking behind her bright dreams
searching for a heaven
she has long lived without.
Dancing to the motions
moving to tomorrow’s song
singing the hopeful promise
of a girl’s night out…

Evening in the city
posed in suggestive essence
starring and acting in
her unreality show.
Sweet perfume lends its taste
in the absence of honesty
spotlights create the shine for
vacant eyes that glow.

Empty heart bears armor
weapons that smile and glean
preparing to do battle
for love she holds in doubt.
Act One, Scene One is set
for the romance of her life
the curtain slowly rises
for a girl’s night out…



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