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 Cassie Heltzel
 Cassie Heltzel
by Cassie Heltzel  FollowFollow
Cassie Heltzel works in boring construction while she awaits her time to get the real job she wants because she needs to go back to school (again) more to qualify. When she's not working her old-lady habits in the midst of her yarn stash, she's attending festivals or reading Tamora Pierce. She lives in Richmond, VA with her two obnoxious dogs, Duke and Daisy.
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i knew you before
you found God,
before you turned
girl, breasts and all.
i knew you before
you had friends
or tumbled with that
boy—he’s still not

good enough for you.
you knew me
before i was bad,
when i read instead
of playing with boys.
you knew me before
glasses, before i
was middle child.

you knew me
before my dark birth
into girlhood,
black t-shirts
and more black—
a funeral line
driving to a morgue.
and now, i do not
know you, you girl-
saint, christian,
“saved” soul,
and you do not
remember me
or what we were,
two marshmallows
afire, blown out,
side-stuck, and when
pressed, the pure
sludge core oozes
over fingers, burning.



  4 years ago
Yeah! I like this one.

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