In A Few Clicks
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In A Few Clicks

 David S. Pointer
 David S. Pointer
In A Few Clicks
by David S. Pointer  FollowFollow
David Scott Pointer is a friendly neighborhood political poet. David was the son of a bank robber who died when he was 3 years old. David more served in the Marine military police. Recently, David has branched out into Sci-fi and horror poetry and submitted a few short stories for consideration here and there.
In A Few Clicks
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The sniper will turn his mind
into a spurting medical estate
through brain matter memory
where a waitress once told a
band she’d like to hear death
metal dark not scrap metal,
through his chainomatic job
choice from housing project
to hot mid-eastern desert—
mountains, through eternity
myth moment anything but an
airguide up to granny’s psalms



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