Vegas Baby!
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Vegas Baby!

 Tom Brzezina
 Tom Brzezina
Vegas Baby!
by Tom Brzezina  FollowFollow
Tom Brzezina is a former factory rat, farmhand, cook, janitor, singer, copywriter, sea monster, riverboat gambler, spaceship racer, bad dog, more and flaming prophet. He now lives in a bungalow, near Detroit, with his wife and pet ocelots.
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Vegas Baby!
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A beeline we made for the honeyed hive,

where the buzz is constant and ubiquitous.

Where flashing lights dazzle

with impossible promise.


Where every micro-movement

is monitored and recorded,

then digitally analyzed

for maxim take.


Where we pay for the privilege 

laboring on loud machines.


Where the poker and the blackjack

feed incessantly on our weaknesses.


Where the electric circus

of the mind

sparks and twitches

long after it burns out.


Where, night and day,

zombies wander the numbered halls,

wondering what happened.


Where the nightstands are cluttered

with how-to-beat-the-house books

and suicide notes. 


This is no Disneyland.

This is no one’s friendly game.

This is where love goes to die.

Where lives are hollowed out.

Where the sum total of everything

is nothing.



after all is said and done,

the money that plays here

stays here.



  4 months ago
All true, but I have never been, so it is still on my bucket list. I like shiny things.
  3 years ago
I sense the spirit of Hunter S Thompson here, or there, or somewhere...this, as Leo says - has many great lines...ocelots? Truly? Intriguing.
  3 years ago · in response to Leopold McGinnis

    So many great lines in this, including:

A beeline we made for the honeyed hive,

where the buzz is constant and ubiquitous.

  3 years ago
Oh yeah. I love this! Reminds me of this great article in Wired about these two guys who 'beat' the system (and then get beat down):
  3 years ago
Hey TB, You captured this scene Baby!

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