17 Seconds, Four Doors Down
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17 Seconds, Four Doors Down

 Sarah Crewe
 Sarah Crewe
17 Seconds, Four Doors Down
by Sarah Crewe  FollowFollow
I'm 30 years old and i'm from the Port of Liverpool. I write poetry because i love it. I have no time for the "writing is a terrible affliction"...read more school of thought. I've been published in Smoke and 3:AM and have poems upcoming in Sunfish and Erbacce. I am not an armchair socialist as i can't afford one. I am a bit obsessed with sharks.
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17 Seconds, Four Doors Down
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Your mother cannot watch.
                                                    Barefoot bolt. Grove gazelle.
Leopard boy belts gilt safari.
                                                    Prince of Cats spins his own
eight limbed art on Green Hill Zone.
                                                    Marble missiles, chaos emeralds,
battlecry vowels through vale in echo.
                                                    Afro-Grecian curls top cinched up
jaws, contain or clinch switch down.
                                                    Leg-kicks diagonal. 15-3-zero.
Favourite technique? Winning. The boy Lee
                                                    does alechemy - souffle exquisite.
Paints his own glass ceiling and
                                                    paratroops through in attack.
Guillotine choke on gloss.
                                                    The cage is his fence. I'm. Fucking. Back.



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