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 Bianca Nazareth
 Bianca Nazareth
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Dr Bianca Nazareth Arya juggles a full fledged career in dentistry with avid travelling, reading, writing and theatre. She has written more short stories, poems and even scripts for plays and her interest in writing is closely linked to her ability to emote on stage, as the characters come alive on paper. Her work has previously been published in journals like Efiction India and a multi-poet poetry anthology published by Into The Void magazine.
Issue 107 · poetry
free verse ·  
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Scarlet petals of
abundance strewn
in carefree abandon
along confused forest trails
The jungle struggles to
lift pellucid curtains
staging an elite
pageant for the worthy
Uninvited I gatecrash
parties of butterflies
whispering secrets
concealed in wings of silk
the fluttering loud enough
to deter eavesdroppers
but not enough to thwart
the insatiably curious
I wander engulfed
in an intoxicated haze until
I am transfixed
by the song
of a cobalt lover
courting a
bashful rhododendron
to voyeuristic intruders
Camouflaged in
verdant seclusion
the lover’s
impotent rage
unable to daunt
a serial offender
from stealing a glance
and a pink blossom
Confident in the tacit
clearing of innocence
Unaware that the
forest identifies the guilty
not by knavish faces
but pink palms stained
by outraged modesty
I stand trial in
an intimidating courtroom
of towering oaks and
one dispirited victim
but I have no fear
I smile at the facade
of indignant justice
even before the neutered
testimony of a harried thrush
liberates me without even
a rap on my knuckles
The butterflies return
hovering closely
as they gather gossip
for their next soiree


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