the travelling trout
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the travelling trout

 K. L. McKay
 K. L. McKay
the travelling trout
by K. L. McKay  FollowFollow
K.L. McKay is a poet. Currently living in Ottawa, she is the current and founding editor of SPIRE Poetry Poster, and hosts the weekly more reading at Caf? Nostalgica, located on the University of Ottawa campus.
the travelling trout
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dreamt i was a fish
                   careening down a mountain stream
                   my eyes funnels to
                              rock faces         rolling     /     headlong
                                               past and through me

the familiar breath of home pushes in
                   everything is old / and new again
                   -- still   /   cool water   /  and
                   living rock faces     boil up in gasps

i have dreamt like a fish
                   breathed foreign air    /    the traveling trout
         away to enjoy   /   a dish out of water
                   /  sea legs and gummy lungs

         a fish out of water is no longer

         a fish out of water is no
                                                    / wish for a fish

         no longer / my wish

         for this fish

my return is   /   slipping   /   into cool water


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