No Stars Pension in Downtown Cairo
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No Stars Pension in Downtown Cairo

 Jenni Fagan
 Jenni Fagan
No Stars Pension in Downtown Cairo
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Jenni Fagan is a poet and novelist. Her collection Urchin Belle sold out last year on Blackheath, the hardback is now available from Kilmog more in New Zealand. Her new collection The Dead Queen of Bohemia is due out on Blackheath 2010. Jenni�s been published in Gutter, Flux, Brand, Poetry Scotland, Tangerine Press Dwang, Unthology, Underground Poetix, Dope, Red Fez and more. Her work is available in UK, USA, NZ, Paris, Istanbul, India and Europe. She was recently nominated for the Pushcart Prize in the USA. She is currently completing her second novel.
Issue 25 · poetry
No Stars Pension in Downtown Cairo
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The cat yowls at us,
like a matted
fur collar coat.

It will die in this heat.

Room 453 is ours,
an off green,
shower cubicle in the corner
curtained by lace
that once was white.

Someone has drawn
a heart, in the dirt on the wall.

Tinfoil holds the air conditioner
together, I lay on the bed
think of heroin
an’ cerise,
an angel with dirty feet
in the photograph you take.

Keys in art deco wardrobes
wear dust
an inch thick.

Higher still a gap
gapes into a grin as I sleep.

Down scurry scarab beetles
blues an greens,
through bare
out cracks in the walls.

Cairo has seen this before.

They are here for you and I,
come to pick our bones
of a love
we will soon,
no longer know.



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