Red Tide
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Red Tide

 Mickey J. Corrigan
 Mickey J. Corrigan
Red Tide
by Mickey J. Corrigan  FollowFollow
Mickey J. Corrigan lives and works and gets into trouble in South Florida, where the men run guns and the women run after them. Mickey more pulpy fiction and neo-noir from a woman's viewpoint. Her newest crime novel will be released in September by Salt Publications in the UK. Visit at
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Red Tide
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Like a drowning man
in love with the wild surf

you spend more time with her
sucking you
under, deeper, riptides
of push and pull lust
and I can't hold you
to the shifting shore.

We've been here before,
this time you wash away.

You drift off and I see
how she changes
your brain chemistry
plugs into the primitive parts
of your nervous system
and you charge and recharge
some other self.

She's like squalls
in your placid waters
and you capsize
over and over.

When you wake up
in someone else's bed
someone else's body
someone else's life
you know
there's no going back.

I keep our sheets pressed
the bed warm
myself open
for you. But I know now

you are lost
so blissfully lost
in the sweet sick brine
of a blood red sea.




  27 months ago
love it

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