I Never Tire Of October
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I Never Tire Of October

 John Grey
 John Grey
I Never Tire Of October
by John Grey  FollowFollow
John Grey is an Australian born poet and short story writer who sollects early editions of Mad Magazine and can often been seen reading the newspaper...read more in various Providence, RI coffee houses
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Issue 109 · poetry
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I Never Tire Of October
The glorious gloom of October is out there,
already making plans for me,
an old comrade from many previous Autumns,
as brown, orange and red as the face of a heavy drinker.
I step outside, walk down to the duck pond,
where mallards dabble in water cold enough to smell the coming ice,
and year-round birdlife struggles to fill the silences
left behind by this year’s migrating passerines.
The sun squanders its heat on the other side of the world,
and all that’s left for me is this reluctant warmth,
thermometer in an area gray enough to match the clouds
scattered across the tree tops, threatening indistinction.
The light has moods, pale and indifferent sometimes, 
at others, burnishing the leaves like an artist’s prep for a showing,
while the breeze just moves along
whatever air it can’t shape to its liking.
An oak here, a maple there, surrender a few leaves already,
But nothing is shed without good reason.
Life prepares for death with such brave beauty.
It’s a sadness overwhelmed by its compensations.


  1 week ago
I walk in the timber every chance i get. Fall is just the must perfect time of year and you do a nice job of capturing it


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