Oh How We All Need Your Water Now Aleksey

(for poet aleksey dayen, found dead after severe dehydration)

we’re drowning in it
pouring over our faces
yet dehydrated
with exhaustion
words drunk could give
fresh life to the thirsty
but grave poisoning
to minds saturated held
captive inside ribcages swollen
and ripe with famine
throats and exits alike
burning for sousing
plants of lines
sonnets stanzas haiku
iambic thermometer
were i at normandy
landing on this beach
after days surrounded by water
were i drudging through a barren
unthawed russian tundra
untouched blankets of snow
curled at my feet in demitasse
cups and saucers with
pinky not even extended
there would still
not be

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About Leah Angstman

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Leah Angstman is a consumer of cheap coffee, a collector of Victorian trinkets and pressed-penny souvenirs, an obnoxious history buff who ruins your fun party with obscure factual history references (in much the same way she imagines Alex Trebek would), a comic book nerd, and a reclusive cat lady. She chews her...read more fingernails, stresses and panics about every mundane thing, blurts her opinions like she has Tourette's, and dresses up in superhero outfits when it's not Halloween. Oh, and she occasionally finds time to write words.
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