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On a Photograph from My Pro-Wrestling Days


They called me The Candlestick Maker.
In my Rastafarian hat, sunglasses,
sporting a stylish goatee,
and a robe that makes me look
like an AIDS patient.
Plus I'm holding a candle
that looks suspiciously like a dildo.

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About Michael Frissore

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Beatnik, matador, and complete douche, Michael Frissore lives in a small, fictional town in New England with his wife, two mischievous felines, and a little floating alien only he can see. By night he writes; by day he sits in a cubicle listening to Opie and Anthony all day. His writing can be found on saloon cocktail napkins and the walls of bathroom...read more stalls all over North America. Mike enjoys Chinese food, time travel, and referring to himself in the third person. He has a MySpace page (www.myspace.com/basilandtandy), but, don't worry, your children are safe with him.

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