<i>where water appears</i> [O'odham word]

the padre's dream --
a folk baroque belfry
a mission rising from the flat desert

[the white dove spreads her wings]
its proximity to the Indio village
perfect for his life's work

the Jesuit Kino never realized:
a heavily-fresco'd interior
does little or nothing

to convert the thirsty soul asking:
where does the water appear
[the location remains a mystery]

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Ye gods -- I'm a neo-polytheist who gave her love to poetry when she was still underage (barely legal). I am the founding editor/publisher of Subsynchronous Press (https://subsyncpress.wordpress.com/). I've lived in Brazil and France, Canada and in several States within these United. Currently anchored in Arizona,...read more having succumbed totally to its harsh beauty. Been published in around 50 different journals/zines.
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