Bonny Swans
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Bonny Swans

Dedicated to Loreena McKennitt

 Johannes Beilharz
 Johannes Beilharz
Bonny Swans
by Johannes Beilharz  FollowFollow
On the surface, Johannes Beilharz might not appear to take poetry all that seriously. Let's say that, in a poetic balancing act, he'd tend more put his weight on Frank O'Hara rather than, for example, T.S. Eliot.
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Bonny Swans
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Pristine image, pristine voice,

recordings from a cloister in Canada.


Not a clue what the lyrics say –

I’m in the world of my own mind,


in which I now willfully depart

from a luscious green sunlit shore


– pushing the vehicle away

from land –


this vehicle which is a swan,

sending it into the mellow ripple


of the lake, where other swans

abound, moving slowly,


making slow turns.

There is a ghostly silence.


Did I create that?

I try to ask my swan,


but there’s no sign

of understanding in his dark eye.


I look down and see the regular

paddle of his black feet.


I do not know where this journey

is going, this journey


on swanback,

in the world of my own mind,


but I’m calm on my calm vehicle,

and do not worry about reaching shore.




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