A Pebble On The Dry Riverbed
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A Pebble On The Dry Riverbed

 Karime Limon
 Karime Limon
A Pebble On The Dry Riverbed
by Karime Limon  FollowFollow
Karime is a quiet eccentric, observer of all that surrounds her. She seeks wonderment and excitement in the smallest and unexpected things. Definitely...read more not tied to one description, she enjoys being creative in all ways.
A Pebble On The Dry Riverbed
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hot and dry
still, I wait
under the sun
on the cracking floor

I hear whispers
through the leaves
and birds that fly high
they tell of your coming

Then here you are
trickling around me
rushing past me
covering, embracing

Slowly the heat
is dissolved
I am cool
I am wet



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