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Uptown Man

(blues poem 1)


I got a sharkskin suit
pocket watch & fob
alligator skin shoes
& a fancy fedora cocked
real low over one eye

I carry a straight razor
cross my path or mess
with my woman
cut you real quick

got a million dollar smile
drives women wild &
knocks 'em to their knees

don't need no fancy car
got a long limo & driver
at my beck & call

got enough money in my wallet
to burn the Big Easy down
& build her back up again

got a private jet
to fly us on up to Harlem
back down to the Big Easy
when she's breathin' again

I got a pistol in my pocket
one hand high on your thigh
my pistol's cocked & fully loaded
& it has a long barrel

they call me King
all over town
but tonight, baby
gonna lay you down
fill you full of bullets
show you a real good time

when the morning light
comes up over the ground
gonna reload my gun
& show you another good time

'cause you my fine-ass woman
& I'm your uptown man.

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About F.N. Wright

F.N. Wright is a Vietnam vet who lives in the coastal mountains of Southern California. He loves, dogs, Harleys, old trucks & women. He has three published novels to his credit, one of which was translated & published in Germany. He has been published in many online & print publications since the 1960's. He also has a monthly newspaper column....read more Some of the places he has been published are X-Ray Press, Zygote In My Coffee, Black Shark Press, Rural Messengers Press & others.


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