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 Haris Adhikari
 Haris Adhikari
by Haris Adhikari  FollowFollow
Haris Adhikari is from Nepal. He edits Misty Mountain Review, an online journal of short poetry. He is the author of Flowing with a River, a...read more poetic anthology, from The Society of Nepali Writers in English (NWEN). His poems have appeared in Red Fez Journal, Buddhist Poetry Review, Cyclamens and Swords Publishing, Mad Swirl, Red Box Kite, Yes Poetry, The Citron Review, Of Nepalese Clay, The Applicant, The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Essence Poetry and Locust Magazine, among others. His other works are forthcoming in Lyrical Passion Poetry and Message in a Bottle Poetry Magazine. To read his other poems, visit: http://ripplezhome.wordpress.com
More work by Haris Adhikari:

is like the flesh
inside a coconut shell.
The flesh that is fresh
comes with sweet water.
The flesh that is dried
comes with a lot of sweet oil.

is a glacier—
frozen in winter
and flickering
like gems
in clear days.
To swim in it like a fish
is perhaps the best pleasure
we can offer
to our souls-in-search.

is a discovery
of the ways
people walk
or would like to walk.
It’s like a conscious dream
the child in you.
I’m sure they slip
when they say
they don’t like poetry.

is like the shaft of sunlight
the deep, silent corners
of woods.
It’s the peacock’s glee
or the desperate chirrups
of a bird in a cage.
It’s the mountains’ meditation
or the rustle of leaves.
It’s the music of Nature
for our songs of sorrow and joy.
It’s the pleasant play of clouds
or the rage of a heavy, heavy sky.
It’s the cry for a way out;
It’s the cry for a way in.
It’s the desire to burn;
It’s the celebration of one’s own defeat.
It’s the silence becoming a flood.
It’s the dewdrop cleaning the rust away.
It’s the spark of light
that makes you wake up
in the midst of nights.

is everywhere
looking for a poet!



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