A Ten Minute Poem
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A Ten Minute Poem

 James Tyler
 James Tyler
A Ten Minute Poem
by James Tyler  FollowFollow
I spend a lot of my time eating blueberry muffins, drinking coffee, and writing poetry; however, my true love is to read poetry and discover...read more poets from all over the world. Poetry that touches my soul adds precious time to my life that smoking cigarettes takes away.
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A Ten Minute Poem
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I am giving myself ten minutes to write this poem
and ten years to revise it.
I have permission to use any clichés necessary
between sips of Miller High Life.
Right now I sit in a hotel in Salt Lake City.
The wind outside must come from off the lake.
I, being vain, check my hair in the mirror,
wonder if the women working the front desk are Mormon.
I have six minutes left now and must say something about love,
the universe, the exceptional woman I saw at Flathead Lake.
I do not really have the time to be very philosophical.
I wasted precious seconds typing the word philosophical.
In a mere six seconds I prayed this poem would never be published.
The woman I mentioned, the one at Flathead Lake
dove right back in my mind. I’ll get a poem about her published.
Oh lord, I am now out of time. Please send me a form rejection letter—
not you, dear editor, I want a rejection letter from God.


  1 month ago
Ten minutes to write; 90 fun seconds to read--good luck with those revisions! Best, Jesse
  2 months ago
No rejection from me, only approval :)
  2 months ago
Can’t believe you took 10 years to revise this poem. That’s a lot of Miller High Lifes! Oh well - turned out pretty well in the end!
  3 months ago
Love it!
  3 months ago
Nice job young man

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