Musing Discourse
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Musing Discourse

 Rachel M. Newlon
 Rachel M. Newlon
Musing Discourse
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The scratching of thickened peanut brittle nails at my fruit cellar door keep me distracted. I try desperately to finish my MFA thesis, more the screeching SOS only inspires me to write crock-pot recipes.
Musing Discourse
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Tangled strands
wrap,      merge
S t a g g e r through kaleidoscope vision
Vibrating deliberate melody
     theory,          philosophy
in intervals
A cadenced revolution
Figure eights spaced between
Chalk lines and dust and depth and
     smoke and mirrors
Forever contemplates this secret space
     of sympathetically positioned
Sunrays broken by shadowed vapors
     umbrella frayed      metal sprockets
Points judgment like extended digits
     pinky pointing out at tea time
thumb travels down clouded road
Wonders when the pieces settle
     in the swaying gap.



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