I'll Meet You There
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I'll Meet You There

 Raisa Ahmed
 Raisa Ahmed
I'll Meet You There
by Raisa Ahmed  FollowFollow
Raisa Ahmed is a college student pursuing a finance career (but don’t judge). Her poetry style is just as sporadic as her facial expressions....read more She forgives people if they buy her food. She takes pride in being a native New Yorker and rolls her eyes when people from Westchester say they grew up in the city. Don’t do that.
I'll Meet You There
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Rumi takes my hand as I 

run away to poetry

where the lady upstairs isn’t

beating her baby so hard

you can feel him choking on his tears

dinner conversations don’t die down

when mama asks, “You really think you’re pretty?”

to which I reply, “Well, no, not anymore.”


Poetry where we hear Rayyan speak English

and not autism

boyfriends don’t slam your self-respect to the door

calling you “bitch” back and forth

you aren’t sitting on a Starbucks stool

hoping someone will notice that you’re lost

What is this world when poetry can

give you yourself again?

When you can hear yourself

think again?

I lay half-conscious on the marble floor

next to my pastel pink vomit

my “friend” is taking videos of my

drug-induced horror trip

And I am meeting Rumi

somewhere along the lines of

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing

and rightdoing, there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.”


*note: lines in italic are credited to Rumi



  2 years ago
I am with Barry good stuff
  2 years ago
I like Rumi and I really liked your poem. Poetry as a refuge, a redemption. Well done.

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