People often ask me about my job
And I often tell them I do not like it
And then they'll recommend jobs
For me to apply to:
Janitors, nurses, garbage men,
Hotel jobs, jobs in factories,
And supermarkets, and jobs on boats,
In movie theatres and malls
And I will nod and feign excitement
And tell them thanks for thinking of me
And that I will apply as soon as possible
Which is often a lie
It seems that people shouldn't do
These things anymore, even though
Some of these things may be fine and give
One a sense of accomplishment
It seems to me that people should sit
In rooms alone musing and writing poems,
Which is what I do to entertain myself
And parry a sharp blade of boredom
Yes we need this; and one can gamble
On a movie for a couple of hours, but
Mostly likely it will be very bad and this isn't
Very good, it's like the world like a shark
Eating you up a bit
Yeah, it seems to me that more people should
Sit in rooms alone, musing and writing poems,
To mollify a soft blade of boredom,
And somehow people find ways to entertain
Themselves with television shows and stereos,
But somehow I do not get it and not amused
Even though I love the Sopranos and pro wrestling
I think Vince McManhon does a better job
Of entertaining the masses than all the Hollywood movies
And corporate television shows combined
But these things go quickly
And one is left with the dullness of voices and bodies
And the hours to be shot and mauled

Yeah, people should sit in rooms musing and writing poems
And thinking of things that will make us all laugh and relate
And sigh, and I suppose there are useful people doing useful things:
Barbers, plumbers, postal workers, truck drivers hauling things, bus
Drivers, doctors, carpenters, plumbers, guys talking on radios, waitresses,
And yes it's good to have these people doing these things, yet
I will still want something that will make me think and laugh
When so much has failed me now and later
And again and again

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About Damion Hamilton

Damion Hamilton is from Saint Louis MO and works in a warehouse. He believes poetry should be raw and written in blood.
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