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 Wanda Morrow Clevenger
 Wanda Morrow Clevenger
The First Poem in Weeks
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Wanda Morrow Clevenger has published a boatload of stuff in a boatload of publications. For no particular reason, she used to write more more than she does now. But then, she used to wear 3-inch heels too.
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Issue 104 · poetry
free verse, lament ·  
The First Poem in Weeks
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The First Poem in Weeks

when Mom passed
my meds for PTSD
effectively blocked
the confluence of
the customary emotions
leaving me vulnerable
to any number of
crooked eyebrows
and tongue lashings
we had spent
the entire day
with her
the week before
scraping hard
at the bottom
of the barrel
for fresh conversation
I am grateful
for that
at least
when she passed
I wrote the first
poem in weeks
not this one


  2 weeks ago
Thank you Dan. *smooch*
  1 month ago
Nice job as usual, really enjoyed the read

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