Dear Bukowski
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Dear Bukowski

you almost had me fooled

 J. Claudius Cloyd
 J. Claudius Cloyd
Dear Bukowski
by J. Claudius Cloyd  FollowFollow
J. Claudius Cloyd’s poetry works at the deli counter of literature. His fiction sleeps under the bridge of your soul where surrealism and more carpool to work. His music needs a hearing aid. And his artwork has tourette syndrome, but not the kind that makes you mindlessly blurt out profanity, but the kind that makes you laugh at everything even when it’s not funny.
Dear Bukowski
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Dear Bukowski, you almost had me fooled
with that whole myth thing that you got going
and I think you tricked many
others too, but only in a worse way…

just as Burroughs and Cobain inadvertently
created so many junkies
so did you create a good many limp dick alcoholic poets
with dreams
of hungover Buddhas and unfinished novels.

They didn’t know that that fascist
father of yours was actually good for something
by leaving you a nice
chunk of cash.

It didn’t make you rich but it sure
must’ve helped during
the crazy women, the bar fights, the blackouts, the losing streaks
the small minds, the tightfisted bosses
the absurdity
and the dimly lit rooms.

You almost had me fooled.

But I’m not knocking you.  You were insane
and you told many lies
but you were right about so many things too.

You were a cheapskate
a drunk
and many times a despicable human being
but you were also
a smart gambler
who fleshed
humor and poetry out of

And for that
I give thanks

Sincerely, JC



  2 years ago
hank chinaski was about as likeable as a rabid pit-bull. I think charlie lived vicariously through hank. but I also think that the beat genre was America's awakening to the sorts to people who fell through the cracks. people who lived outside social norms that were so ridged after WW2. Madison more west was skid row in Chicago then. Charlie put skid row on the cover of time and look magazines, as well as, front pages of newspapers. If anything this poem points to those efforts, and does it well...
  3 years ago
as clear as a Bukowski poem. A " despicable human being" yea. A troglodyte. A liar too, but all the good ones are (writers that is).
  4 years ago
Cool. A little Buk critique with Buk worship. It brings a nice balance...and is a nice poem on its own, no matter which side you fall on.

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