A mama possum

Hurries across the boulevard


A hopped-up hipster bozo

Piss yellow hair blowing in the wind


Trying to prove his punkness

Veers his rust-bucket snot green Pontiac Bonneville


Sharply to the right

Crushes mama possum


Her body explodes with a sickening pop

Squashed beneath the wheel of reckless malice


The punk’s crew squeals with delight

“You really nailed it!”


“Now you gotta paint a possum on your car door!”

“Next time get a ‘coon!”


Baby possums in midnight darkness

Wait for mama to come home

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About Steven Gulvezan

Steven Gulvezan is a disciple, in words, of the great sculptor, Alberto Giacometti. At their best he hopes that his stories and poems are able to cut close enough to the bone of truth to make them worthwhile to read. A collection of his poetry is The Dogs of Paris (March Street Press).
  2 months ago
one needs a brush cutter
  2 months ago · in response to Dan Jacoby

    Dan, I wonder how far down you have to cut before you even get a glimpse of the truth.
  2 months ago · in response to Doc Sigerson

    Doc, I thought the target audience was the underground "fez head" subculture.
  2 months ago
nice political statement here? " cut close enough to the bone"
  2 months ago
"Hopped-up hipster bozo" is our target demographic. Enjoyed this one, Steven.

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