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He’ll treat you like a queen, they said to me, but I just wanted some action.  Sneaking into the bar under age was so easy. Just said DD to the bartender and got free whatever. I chugged a soda and they all thought it was vodka.  When the cops came in I went to the toilet with soggy paper towel and pretended to puke.  They asked for my ID and I said, I’ll go get it.  When I told my friends I was busted I could see in their faces they weren’t leaving with me.   I was on my own.   Hitch hiking to Red Deer made me feel strong.  Even refusing the joint was standard for me.  I got lectured about not carrying a knife for protection.  I was pretty disappointed when action boy didn’t show up the next day, but it was for the best.  I didn’t want the bad apple and he was pretty messed up.

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I am an artist fighting a daily battle to defend this title. I want to FEEL like an artist but it gets pretty darn hard when I'm folding laundry or scrubbing the tiolet. No, I am not a slave - I am a mother. It is a heavy price to pay, but worth it to witness my greatest creations enjoying my support and influence. To contradict...read more Davinci they are never finished and they are three pieces of art I will never abandon. That said, I write two serperate styles: one my kids are allowed to read and one they aren't. At least not for twenty years anyways.
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