Do It Yourself Therapy On Water Street
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Do It Yourself Therapy On Water Street

 Adrian Slonaker
 Adrian Slonaker
Do It Yourself Therapy On Water Street
by Adrian Slonaker  FollowFollow
A copywriter and copy editor residing in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where tourists' cars and SUVs compete for precious highway space with more driven by Plain people.
Issue 106 · poetry
free verse ·  
Do It Yourself Therapy On Water Street
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The drugstore razor cuts slowly
but superficially
into a pudgy, pale patch
of fuzzy forearm
slicing two lean parallel lines,
twin trails of evenness, conveying
a disjointed unevenness,
sputtering droplets of
the hue of a Ruby-
perhaps the name he might have had
had he been a woman, and then he might
have been more competent-
more comfortable-
at liberating lacerating shards of thoughts.
But, like too many panicky theatergoers
stuck in a second-story exit,
nothing can escape-
not even a choppy chain of profanities and tears,
so he hunches in screwed-up stoic silence over a
buttercream ceramic sink
in a tidy Canadian toilet
trying to conjugate verbs
and inflect nouns
in the language of pain. 


  2 months ago
Canadian Toilets. Love that.

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