Dreams as Impetus
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Dreams as Impetus

 Jessica Dawson
 Jessica Dawson
Dreams as Impetus
by Jessica Dawson  FollowFollow
Jessica Dawson is a modern-day Wendy. She lives in California with Peter Pan, a preschool diva and a future statistic, unfortunately. She’s...read more the author of one book of poetry, Fossil Fuels (Verve Bath Press), and has had poems published in Thunder Sandwich, The Montucky Review, Passenger May, killpoet, Words Dance, Remark., Nefarious Ballerina, and Slurve Magazine. She reads the dictionary for fun, speaks only in degrees of sarcasm and pretends to be clever on the internet.
Dreams as Impetus
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All night long the red of it
flashed and crackled, teasing
bits of sleep from the corner
of my eye. The guidebook
said we’d need it in the
morning. I woke in bursts,
gasping, sweeping the flames
from my hair until I remembered
where I was, and buried myself
beneath the quilts to wait for dawn.



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