On Wednesday she wanted to see the movie after work.
After work she was too tired and wanted to sleep.

On Thursday she wanted to see the movie after work.
I was too tired for no reason at all.

On Friday she wanted to see the movie before work.
I said yes.
We ended up eating and talking world politics
then went to bed early.

On Saturday I saw the movie
alone in an empty theatre.
I called to tell her it was a winner
as I had suspected.

Will you see it again, with me?
Yes. Yes I will.
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Robert is a 24 year-old filmmaker and writer currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. His first feature length film, Downtime, was recently released on DVD after two ridiculous years in production. Robert tries to fill his life with writing anything and everything, but some days finds himself delivering shirts...read more and duffel bags to businesses around Atlanta. In other news, Robert recently strapped a motion activated camera to a tree in his backyard and posts pics of the critters it catches here.
   22 months ago
This has happened to me on many occasions.

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