I gave him a scarf, three silver dollars,
a scrapbook, and an empty journal.
He gave me chocolate, six roses,
two orgasms; later,
a heart full of regret.
We traded one closet for the other,
exchanging clothing like some exchange vows.
Four memories of love’s declarations;
three spontaneous embraces; after some time
two lives broken:
one on either side.
We lay prone, the clouds descending from their
upwards realm
onto the mundane surface of our lives.

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About Paula E. Kirman

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Paula E. Kirman writes, edits, takes photographs, and plays music. She lives in Edmonton where she edits an inner city community newspaper, is an organizer in the activist movement, rides her bicycle, juggles, and sometimes drinks too much coffee. Her website is www.wordspicturesmusic.com.
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