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 Rita Simpson
 Rita Simpson
by Rita Simpson  FollowFollow
Twenty years ago, Rita Simpson came to Calgary from Saskatchewan to attend a wedding, and was so taken with the mountains that she stayed. She...read more has been a closet writer since the second grade. She is primarily a prose writer, but through the influence of friends, she started writing poetry two years ago, and though she finds a lot of poetry pretty elusive, it nonetheless draws her like those mountains.
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parent says    don't do that
child asks   why not
parent leans against counter
thinks about it
you'll go to Purgatory
child asks    what is that
parent replies...
Purgatory is haze
grey obscurity
harsh sulfuric smoke
searing flashes of fire
bursts of putrid gases
that blind and choke
thick scorching air
something heavy and smothering
in the air
something violent and hurricane-like
fear-begetting    a panic
intangible shadows and shapes
cry out in anguish and remorse
beg for mercy
the all-devouring silent noise
pain exchanged for retribution
crowded host of lost souls
sea of hands
clasped in piteous gestures
of mercy-begging
writhing forms
no longer identifiable
generic faces in the throng
whose hoarse cries
measure agony
required penance...
that's purgatory
so don't do that
child says



  2 months ago
sounds just like a kid!
  3 years ago
Hysterical and well written. This piece has both eloquence and a good flow.

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