Runaway Train
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Runaway Train

 Bob Boston
 Bob Boston
Runaway Train
by Bob Boston  FollowFollow
Bob Boston doesn't have much of a publication history to speak on. He's has a Ph.D but is presently homeless and either at the library more on his poetry or walking the streets of Connecticut begging for cigarettes. Bob has been writing poetry in all for, well, too long.
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Runaway Train
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Sometimes it rides by night, sometimes by day.
It's time to roll when all the magic comes.
Don't walk the tracks of this old railway,
them rats and mice would love themselves some crumbs.
They come in trains, the routes run A to Z,
and I must hustle just to get on board.
It's Chitty-Chitty Brilliance just for me.
The muse conducts, my pen moves, rest assured.
Sometimes it's like a midnight run ensues,
but then sometimes it's afternoon delight.
I know, a magic train, a driving muse -
might be a reach but so is rail to flight.
And if the muse should try to shake me loose
I'll write graffiti on her old caboose.


  26 months ago
I know rhyming poems are supposed to be lame, but sometimes they are just right.

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