Table high beyond my nose
drenched in gravy bread and meat
you wear no fur, just funny clothes
and talk and talk, forget to eat.
No meaning without bark or howl
I must forego my alpha rank
forbidden just one sniff or growl.

I could clear that table with a single leap
snag the roast and drink your beer
those puny trophies of your hunt
but the price I’d pay would be too dear.
So I lie complacent at your feet,
with dreams of mauling toddlers,
and killing little sheep.

From the vantage of your table high
There is so much you do not know
When you deign to pat me on the head
Compliment my bath and bows
I’d rather role in something dead
While you pretend to play the alpha role.

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About Raymond Hutson

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Raymond Hutson has lived in the Midwest, Texas, and currently works as a physician in the northeast of Wahington near the Canadian border. He received his MFA from Queens College at Charlotte in 2006. He has written one novel, a collection of short stories, and between stories writes self-absorbed, more poetry. Try to catch him on a good day.
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